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ARK: Survival Evolved

TLC Pass 2: Argentavis, Parasaur, Raptor, Sarco, Spinosaur, & Triceratops!

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<~Archgod~> 3 Apr @ 11:57am 
For all the positive comments the developers are gaining for adding features and updating textures they should of done from the start of the game (coughs.. after two years of early access) is just amazing! Now after every update, patch or TLC we still can't get the "D3D" Error fix.
I can care less if it's Unreal Engine or the developers fail to update engine fault, it is a big problem nonetheless. How long does a company "willing" keep going downhill till they decide enough-is-enough? Let's just fix this fatal error issue, or start over using another engine. I mean you guys clearly don't have a shortage of DLCs and games coming out while still fixing this one soooo.
BlindEye 2 Apr @ 11:52am 
Love the TLC. It made 3 of my favourite creatures look even cuter :) Argentavis finally looks, stands and flies like a predatory bird instead of some kind cr***y marionette. I have one question thou: anyone else gets dismounted by raptors mid air? I suppose that it is not intentional on devs part.
神殇 28 Mar @ 5:13pm 
i don't know why , i have saw some one can do that in the non mod
神殇 28 Mar @ 5:12pm 
the primitive argent can't carry dino wth right botton and c
rickyew2112 27 Mar @ 10:00pm 
I can not stand the new Argent. I thought the old model looked really good. I hate the way it walks now too, the fact that it spreads its wings when it walks looks bad. Also the grabbing is awful now, when you try to grab if theres nothing directly below me it doesn't even make a grabbing motion but it kills stam. I much prefer the old grabbing animation, even if you weren't actually grabbing anything, it helped me line grabs up. I don't know if changing it back is possible, but if it is please pleaseeee change it back. I miss my old Argent.
Salty Bulldog 27 Mar @ 7:59pm 
New argy looks great.
Big Buff Cheeto Puff 27 Mar @ 11:31am 
Seems legit, some of the classic dinosaurs actually have a function instead of being kibble fodder.. nice.
Gecko 26 Mar @ 6:14am 
What about tlc for the player?
oToMmYo 26 Mar @ 4:53am 
I want to report the hacker in the ARK:Survival Evolved online game. But i can't find how to report. The only way i can try is mail to you.

I played the game in the official server :EU-PVP-Ragnarok-CrossArk13.

My ID is Tommy,and our tribe name is 'Tribe of batman'

i want to report the tribe 'some guys'. They have more than there hack players. For the game ID i know is 'MurkeBOSS','SportLoto','Zhukov Georgy Konstantin','Bambina'..... They are waller and aimbot .

I and my teammates are disappointed in the game now for killed by these hackers.

Please help punish the cheaters before they destroy more tribes
AFK 26 Mar @ 4:24am 
uhm what does the Export dino do ????????????