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Server Information
Join IP: DE Map: ragnarok Rank: 43 Slots: 90
Query IP
Location DE  Germany
Owner EvilMooN
First Seen Mar 11, 2020 at 12:15 PM
Last Offline 0d 10h 15m 16s ago
Votes 4 Vote
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Current Players: 36/90 (Auto-Updates)
Hito joined 5h 19m 34s ago
ItsMak joined 4h 47m 6s ago
Flunga-Punga joined 2h 52m 5s ago
SIR joined 2h 40m 28s ago
Viewa joined 2h 14m 35s ago
ICEYswe joined 1h 53m 55s ago
simon joined 1h 48m 27s ago
NATE DOGG joined 1h 46m 23s ago
贴身超薄不测漏 joined 1h 45m 16s ago
Caner Senpai joined 1h 26m 34s ago
Transporter joined 1h 25m 22s ago
aagiryr joined 1h 14m 20s ago
Void_Humany joined 1h 9m 12s ago
Artis_Zeh joined 1h 7m 35s ago
niklas joined 1h 4m 21s ago
WS-ExTrEmE joined 1h 3m 15s ago
123 joined 0h 59m 35s ago
KawaiiMTS joined 0h 57m 54s ago
NEVER joined 0h 54m 14s ago
S4tiva joined 0h 47m 52s ago
n0aiming joined 0h 44m 48s ago
IIimpeII joined 0h 41m 11s ago
staringerraphael... joined 0h 40m 58s ago
123 joined 0h 36m 34s ago
SrBos joined 0h 26m 25s ago
Xenxny joined 0h 23m 4s ago
Ganbaa joined 0h 22m 22s ago
Gloryy.Maqixx joined 0h 18m 11s ago
Drako joined 0h 17m 31s ago
jesse.steel joined 0h 15m 48s ago
123 joined 0h 15m 26s ago
Eliteteddy joined 0h 11m 44s ago
ByRezonix joined 0h 11m 25s ago
Darkratos joined 0h 4m 2s ago
Mavey joined 0h 2m 15s ago
Freddy joined 0h 1m 38s ago