About ARKServers.net

ARKServers.net provides tools and automatically generates statistics, banners, graphs, and much more for every server that exists in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Detailed Statistics

Free, detailed stats for every single server. View current players online, generate banners, view analytic graphs, comments, voting, and much more. Click here to see more features.

Fully Automatic

We use the Valve master server query protocol to keep track of every ARK: Survival Evolved gameserver every few minutes.
You don't need to input or add your server - it's all automatic!

2 Server Browsers

The best of both worlds. We have 2 servers browsers: Regular and Community. Regular is a rank-based server browser based on average playercounts, while Community is vote-based with image banners.

How it works

  1. You simply start up your ARK: Survival Evolved game server, make sure it's online and working, and get a player or two to join it.
    Don't own servers? No worries, we have tons of other features too!
    Take a look at #6 and the big section below for some examples.
  2. Our tracking servers fetch the master server list about every 15 minutes, you can view the countdown from our stats page (click here). When that happens your server is automatically added to the serverlist. You can also add your server manually & instantly using our control panel (click here), if you want.
  3. Once your server is on our serverlist the player count, online status, map, and other various information is automatically tracked every 5 minutes using our tracking system. This makes no impact on your server whatsoever.
  4. All servers are given a rank calculated purely from their average player count in the last 7 days - votes don't count towards ranks. Your server must be online for 12 hours before receiving a rank. You can not pay for a better rank. Ranks allow you to accurately tell how popular a server is in players.
  5. Optionally claim a server in our database through the server's name (so that we can verify you own it; only the server owner can change a server's name)
    Claiming a server gives you additional settings, banners, logs, & controls.
    Click here and visit the control panel if you want to claim your servers.
    You can also view your server page and click Claim this server to make it easy.
  6. Comment on servers, upvote/downvote servers, favorite servers, view user profiles, contact server staff, upload a banner for your server to display it in the community section, and access everything else our website has to offer.
    What all do we have to offer? See below for some highlights!
    This is just a small chunk - there is something here for everyone :)
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Two Server Lists

Two different server lists - the best of both worlds. A clean, regular server browser with searching, sorting, and ranks based off player count. Then there's the community server browser with custom uploadable banners - sorted by community votes.

Ranking System

The ranking system - an essential part to any tracking system - is based off average playercount, uptime, and general popularity in the last 3 days. Basically, the more players playing throughout the day - the higher the rank. Your server must be online for 12 hours before you obtain a rank.

Voting System

Like other gameserver tracking websites we have our own voting system - including downvotes. But unlike other websites we do not use votes within our ranking system. The ranking system is based on average players and popularity. You can always sort by votes, or use the community server browser though.

Live & Automatic

Watch servers change right before your eyes. The server lists, server pages, and player online lists refresh automatically if you have Javascript enabled. Keep a sever on your other screen to see when people leave and join - or see when the server crashes.

Help & Information

We want you to setup your own ARK: Survival Evolved server, why else do you think we made this website? Read documentation, follow tutorials, setup your own server, and more with our Help articles.

Custom Code

ARKServers.net uses it's own custom source code for gameserver tracking. This means we can improve and change things as we go - and we know what we're handling. We are here for you.

Free, Full Support

Unlike other gameserver tracking websites we provide free personal support for your ARK: Survival Evolved gameservers. Any topic: Tracking, server setup, ranking system, business inquiries, questions, comments, concerns - whatever it may be - you can always contact support (click here)

Wallet Cash

Wallet Cash is how we maintain and update ARKServers.net; including keeping our seperated tracking servers alive, maintained, and stable. You really help us out by adding any amount of Wallet Cash. You can spend Wallet Cash on sponsored listings, links, and more. Click here to learn more about Wallet Cash.

Statistics and Graphs

View in-depth information, graphs, ranks, and various statistics about all servers that exist in ARK - even passworded ones. ARKServers.net is constantly tracking and monitoring ARK: Survival Evolved gameservers 24/7 - day and night.

Any device - Anywhere

The entire ARKServers.net website was designed with both computers and mobile devices in mind. Our goal was to make everything work and display on any device - from your desktop - to your phone, tablet, console, or almost anything with a web browser.