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[11/6] Genome Soldiers Ab [3XP/5G/7T/15M] (S+/SEL/Kibble) - (v2

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Join IP: US Map: aberration Rank: 1,952 Slots: 100
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Location US  United States
Owner gnsc4
First Seen Aug 22, 2018 at 1:53 PM
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Posted by Rockcock 7 months, 4 weeks ago (view single)
Frankly most of his community did come from OAG, that is not to be disputed, but the owner of that community was one of the worst owners of any server i've ever seen. He did not care about the community, he did not care about his servers well being, only about filling his fucking pockets. So don't listen to @Inregal this is a damn good server, infact in the 2 or so weeks its been up i'd wager its better than most ARK servers i've come across. Come join Genome Soldiers, and have some fun.
Posted by Goswen 7 months, 4 weeks ago (view single)
This is a wonderful Server great people to play with, NO lag, loads up fast and clean. Staff there to always help if you message them for help they are right on it.
Posted by Inregal 8 months ago (view single)
If you are looking to join a server in which the owner pulls players from the discord he used to play on secretly. And deal with the Grimy ways he does. Then this is the server for you. I would not suggest this server in any way due to how pathetic the host is. Ripping other discords apart because they stopped renting from the company he works for, Completely petty.
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