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Location US  United States
Owner circaskys
First Seen Aug 24, 2017 at 3:16 AM
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Posted by truedamage 1 week ago (view single)
they hold community meetings to hear what the people of the server says and also puts things to vote so the players have a say witch i for one have alot of respect for and it keeps everyone close and on the same page. there is also almost no salt on this server cause of this and the understanding that everyone has as everyone knows this server is not Game Of Friends but a true Game Of Thrones server were you have to watch your every move and words you never know when you can be permaed on this server lord or knight or even commener. I have played since after the first week on the server and i have seen 3 lord and i bet a good 20 people permaed so far and its only season one. So if you are realy wanting a great RP GOT server check it out stay a wile try the RP and dont be scared to get permaed lol.
Posted by emortalnight 1 week ago (view single)
After LOTRP shut down I was disappointed that I wouldnt find a server to play on quite like that one, I am surprised to say this server far exceeds my expectations and is an amazing server. I'm super glad I found this one! The community is amazing there are so many rpers with different backgrounds it offers a variety of different personalities to rp with which makes for an extremely fun and awesome community to play with. I've met so many people and have made so many friends from this server. The admins and the owner josh do an amazing job and really care about the concerns of their players and will listen and make changes that are fair for everyone. I have never had any problems with the admins or anyone from the server.
Posted by zakima1 1 week ago (view single)
Been on this server for a bit..nothing bad I can say..Since I first logged I was treated good the rp is fun..Admins have been great when I needed help... Over all great server keep up the great work 🤗
Posted by VonDrevon 3 weeks ago (view single)
First RP server I have played on, but really enjoying it. The Admin team has worked through the problems that come with being a first season RP server and have come up with solutions that work for the community which has only made the community and server better.
Posted by Theprimesinreaper 3 weeks ago (view single)
Just recently this server have been released since Dec 31 is my guess. I have to say they've done a brilliant job. Especially with some of the keeps they've built. They do not pull you away if your leader bringing OOC drama and threatening to remove you from power. Or worse pick you up with a dragon dropping lords midair. Josh really puts role play first. That is a rare trait most popular server owners don't possess. So far I am enjoying the community here. The staff takes every moment to address peoples troubles, and ideal in a public manner therefore I have no fear of being banned for if people had a issue and wanted to address it to staff. I have no issue with Westeros rp I give it a 10/10. Thank you very much for bring game of thrones back to being enjoyable!
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