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ChaosPVP,Wiped-9/12,140xG,(C-Flyers,AA,2.0,CustomDrops) - (v274

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Join IP: US Map: ragnarok Rank: 9 Slots: 75
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Location US  United States
Owner FragMasterMike
First Seen Oct 11, 2017 at 9:36 PM
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Posted by PvpBob123 6 days ago (view single)
This server Bots the player count to get top 5. on ark it says 23 players and global chat is dead as'f , no one to be found yet it was saying 75/75 constantly on here for the first week
Posted by MacCorms 3 weeks ago (view single)
So much lag it is unreal
Posted by cLiNkY 1 month ago (view single)
ark is a numbers game. and by numbers of course im not referring to the amount of active players, but the amount of tribe members actively whining to the admin simultaneously about raid tactics they are unable to get past. this more often than not will result in the altering of limitations on the server through pure salt. on THIS server, watch out for the 'alpha'.. if you're not doing something they have control over, you may get dobbed on! at the end of the day (apparently) its not the always the tribes ability to overcome their raiding handicaps, its all in the name <333
Posted by cLiNkY 1 month ago (view single)
all servers are the same really, with regard to lag.. at times yes, it could be a case of server location or perhaps mod overkill confliction, but on chaos i feel like being number 6 most popular pvp server the high population is a factor. however, the reason for high pop generally is.. ITS A GOOD FUCKING SERVER! there is a strong admin commitment behind the scenes on this server, and sorry to hear if others have had different experiences with the response time. you have to remember though that they are still human and have rl commitments which in turn aids the funding for the server space that accommodates a higher population than 95% of other ark communities.. deal with it!
Posted by sage882 1 month ago (view single) - seems like you have a habit of calling admin abuse lol (ever heard of the story about the little boy who cried wolf?)
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