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Veracity UK - Closing down at the end of June - (v258.41)

> **Veracity UK - PVE - NEW 04/06 - 4xXP 4xG 6xT - Disease Free**

Welcome to Veracity! This server is the result of me and my girlfriend making a server for ourselves to play on and then realising that it was very boring without company. So we decided to upgrade it and hopefully build a close-knit community. If you look at the rates below, you will notice they cater to our needs as we both work 9-5 jobs, so even though there is still a challenge, it’s a bit more manageable than official servers and the need to treat ARK like a full-time job. So if you would like to join a brand new server, with only quality-of-life mods, friendly admins and guaranteed 99.9% uptime – then please see below!

> **Server Specs**

* Dual E3 Xeon 3.4 GHz with 64GB RAM, running from an SSD. This is hosted by a leading company and thus uptime is expected to be 99.9% with regular backups and a clone hosted offsite.

* Slots: 40, happy to increase if needed.

* Server location: London, UK

> **Connection, Info & Contacts**

* Address:

* ARK Servers link (Direct connect & voting):

* Game tracker:

* Contact us: (Subject to change once we have a website up)

* Twitter (Server updates/warning/announcements):

> **Server Settings**

***To see all server settings please see our subreddit [HERE](***

* Experience x4 (6x even until 11:59pm GMT Next Sunday 12/06)
* Tame x6 (Weekly “Kill All Wild Dinos” command will be done to help keep dino variety fresh)
* Gather x4
* Long days & short nights
* Resource Respawn x1.25
* Difficulty 4 (Max level 120 Dinos)
* Interactive baby settings: Default, subject to change once best known option decided
* Mating interval x2
* Egg hatch x6
* Mature speed x6
* Egg lay x1.25

*All settings are subject to change via suggestion from you guys, so if you don’t like something then speak up either on our server, subreddit or twitter!*

> **Mods**

All mods are subject to discussion, feel free to suggest something and we may consider it. Please do keep in mind that we want to stay pretty close to vanilla so nothing too crazy 

**Current mods are:**

* Death helper – Helps you find your body + brings your cache back from underground if it falls through

* Pet finder – Helps you find your lost pets

* Better Beacons Redux – Improved beacons, no more worthless jar engrams!

> **Server Rules**

* Be mature
* No griefing
* No hacking/exploiting
* No offensive remarks/harassment (Sexist, racist, discrimination etc.)
* No excessive foul language – you can swear, just don’t overdo it or offend people.

* No blocking rare resource spawns – we will evaluate the new server option for prevention of building in those areas and consider enabling it eventually, depending on what is actually blocked

* Compensation – being an Alpha game, it is unlikely you will receive compensation for anything you lose, unless it is our fault or you have solid proof.

* No placing structures such as foundations for the sake of claiming land – feel free to put a sign down to say you are claiming the area but note that this will not be enforced; you will have to rely on the common courtesy of other players.

* Do not build too close to other player bases without their explicit permission. If in doubt, ask the player or an admin for advice.

* This is an English server, thus the ability to speak English is a must – how else would you comprehend the rules? Please do not speak any other languages within the global chat, of course tribe/local chat is okay.

* No claiming/reserving dinosaurs – you can’t waltz in and expect people to let you tame a dinosaur you wanted if they want it too. It’s not fair on the others. Feel free to announce that you are looking for a specific dino/colour but don’t come crying when someone tames it instead of notifying you.

* Cave building is ENABLED – this does not mean you can block them up. Feel free to build yourself a place to hide/be safe etc, but make sure you are not blocking the cave. Repeat offenders will be banned.

* No blocking beacons/loot crates/artefacts/obelisks – everyone has the right to access them.

* Keep the server clean. We have nothing against temporary tame defences/pens, emergency campfires and the like – but please ensure to remove them as soon as it is viable. If we notice anything being there for longer than it should, the offending party will be notified and given 24 hours to remove the structures. Repeat offenders will be disciplined.
So if you like what you see, don’t have 24/7 to play this game then come and play with us and remember to have fun!

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Current Players: 2/40 (Auto-Updates)
Shakty joined 2h 56m 17s ago
tanglebones joined 1h 29m 17s ago

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