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Twisted Center[PVE][Castles Mod]3x Tame/XP/Harvest - (v298.3)

Welcome to the Twisted Network's Community page.

We are part of a gaming community called The Twisted Network that has been together now for over 10 years! We started back with TFC and over the years have had TFC, TF2, and CS:GO servers for our community. We are now pleased to branch out into the ARK community and hope you enjoy our server! Check us out at and let us know what you think.

We have four Ark servers opened, newest being Ragnarok!

The Center:
The Island:
Scorched Earth:

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Current Players: 2/70 (Auto-Updates)
Aiden Dolphin joined 0h 20m 19s ago
Aabrial joined 0h 0m 37s ago

Latest Comments

Posted by Betrail 3 years ago (view single)
I apologize OCtiny, I did restart the server, and we ran some updates to keep it from crashing as often. :]
Posted by OCtiny 3 years ago (view single)
can you restart the server?
Posted by OCtiny 3 years ago (view single)
help please! :(
Posted by OCtiny 3 years ago (view single)
got kicked off in the middle of a tame, now i cant login. says failed connection - connection timeout.
Posted by Betrail 3 years, 2 weeks ago (view single)
Glad you enjoy it Grimeden :D
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