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[WIPE OCTOBER 15TH] Xtinction Ark Ragnarok PVP - (v338.30)

[ The Xtinction Ark 5x All - PvP 7 Map Cluster ]
FRESH WIPE Season 11 starts Nov. 6th @ 3pm CDT

Join the discord:

Server Features:
• 72 Hours new player protection and post raid protection
• Max wild dino level 150, Tek dinos 180, and Wyvern/Drakes 190 (same as official)
• Max player level: 105/155 ascension (same as official)
• Kits, shop, & more. Shop points accumulated by time played, no pay to win
• Offline Guard System for buffs
• 8 man no blue tags
• Anti-mesh enabled
• S+ QoL items
• See discord for all server mods, plugins, ans features

Connection Info:
• Steam Connect: Center steam://connect/
• Steam Connect: Genesis steam://connect/
• Steam Connect: Ragnarok steam://connect/
• Steam Connect: Aberration steam://connect/
• Steam Connect: Extinction steam://connect/
• Steam Connect: The Island steam://connect/
• Steam Connect: Valguero with map extension steam://connect/

Join the discord for more info:

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 3/127 (Auto-Updates)
123 joined 1h 26m 57s ago
76561198207156312 joined 0h 39m 14s ago
Jayy joined 0h 6m 21s ago

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