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Bastard's Bay Season 1 - (v273.64)

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First Seen Oct 25, 2017 at 10:48 PM
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Posted by LeodaGamerGirl 9 hours, 59 minutes ago (view single)
This server has a gaming community of 4 tribes of 20(admin mega alliance) they take things said in your tribes (private) discord after those player left the tribe saying they hated the server going 2 down vote all we said give them what u think you think they deserve that's why the whole tribe got banned after it our discord chat was posted in theirs this servers got worse tribe politics than the server they came from, they claim to community but in truth they only care about theirs when things don't go there way they change the rules plain and simple so play if you want but its full of salt and drama .
Posted by RawCard 4 days ago (view single)
Ran by the people, for the people. but if you are not an asskisser of the admin tribe or part of their Clique then you are not a people. was a fun server until they let their "friends" raid every small tribe off the server and wouldn't let anyone get built up. we tried to help the smaller tribes and got royally shit on and threatened often. then finally we got banned with no explanation. here is my downvote
Posted by AlbertaA 4 days ago (view single)
Great Community OF Players! Friendly Admins that you can talk to. Fun PVP and PVE events held.They also dont allow Salty or Disrespectful players to ruin the game for others or to try and sabotage the server cause they dont get there way!
Posted by ZigSmash 4 days ago (view single)
My tribe just did a massive raid. We were beat back in the end. Hours of fun, no salt on either side. This is the server for me.
Posted by Chicago 4 days ago (view single)
This was a great server until I started getting DM in Discord from different members of staff asking why I was being "friendly" with certain tribes that they had issue with. I refuse to allow a dictatorship run my gaming experience or micromanage my Discord. Noob Admins need to get a grip.
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