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01/19 Xodice Ragnarok 50xAll/Kits/AA/S+/Cfly/Tele - (v276.42)

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Server Information
Join IP: US Map: ragnarok Rank: 11 Slots: 100
Query IP
Location US  United States
Owner 123pvp
First Seen Dec 2, 2017 at 10:02 AM
Last Offline 0d 23h 31m 20s ago
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Comments 7 View & Post
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Current Players: 80/100 (Auto-Updates)
RFJ joined 9h 43m 9s ago
123 joined 9h 41m 21s ago
RayRayElite joined 9h 37m 40s ago
Viking joined 9h 1m 42s ago
royy joined 8h 40m 41s ago
OpticDank joined 8h 4m 47s ago
ZANITE joined 7h 29m 20s ago
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htwnsmokey joined 6h 57m 6s ago
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Salty Kandy joined 5h 38m 5s ago
AnHo1998 joined 5h 21m 59s ago
Ding Dong joined 5h 19m 34s ago
foxyZet joined 5h 14m 56s ago
Yummin joined 4h 39m 18s ago
Sie Chan~<3 joined 4h 33m 13s ago
the_bestone4ever joined 4h 16m 15s ago
Mr_nobody133 CSG... joined 4h 4m 7s ago
Vorpent joined 3h 54m 54s ago
Dominator270 joined 3h 52m 25s ago
TrenchCowboy joined 3h 19m 18s ago
123 joined 3h 7m 4s ago
Crimmix joined 2h 57m 40s ago
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Beast8413 joined 2h 35m 57s ago
Vendetta joined 2h 31m 45s ago
Ploppy joined 2h 20m 27s ago
Drednoss joined 2h 19m 59s ago
Borjousi joined 2h 10m 0s ago
Shadow72 joined 2h 7m 0s ago
Furious_Tank_ joined 2h 4m 39s ago
xMrFuZZ joined 1h 51m 25s ago
Rage joined 1h 49m 37s ago
Mic700 joined 1h 48m 29s ago
Zetek joined 1h 46m 9s ago
MrGrumpyShirt joined 1h 44m 20s ago
Axion joined 1h 43m 10s ago
Leporcy joined 1h 40m 30s ago
Parab00n joined 1h 38m 6s ago
Kev90sc joined 1h 34m 9s ago
Trailer89 joined 1h 24m 19s ago
123 joined 1h 17m 36s ago
Sanhzr joined 1h 16m 31s ago
Caronte joined 1h 16m 10s ago
Zauron joined 1h 14m 59s ago
ItzSLVR joined 1h 13m 23s ago
Everlast joined 1h 13m 0s ago
TheWoolieJimmith joined 1h 12m 39s ago
PapaParis420 joined 1h 9m 23s ago
Filthycat305 joined 1h 9m 4s ago
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