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Asgard Awakens - Ragnarok (x5 XP & H, x10 T) - (v265.284)

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Current Players: 21/70 (Auto-Updates)
salazar.adam1 joined 8h 20m 9s ago
Tryin' Ryan joined 6h 47m 10s ago
MrUntouchable215 joined 6h 16m 11s ago
ファーガソン joined 6h 15m 29s ago
Logic joined 5h 35m 24s ago
Catkiller joined 4h 53m 21s ago
Abseil joined 3h 48m 43s ago
Shylane joined 3h 40m 42s ago
Rariaka joined 2h 37m 30s ago
Chorizo picante joined 2h 36m 25s ago
baz00kajo joined 2h 4m 27s ago
The Wire Wisk joined 1h 49m 30s ago
Pickle-Pee Pump-... joined 1h 40m 37s ago
TommyC joined 1h 29m 14s ago
DragonFearz joined 1h 13m 37s ago
Wardfire joined 1h 9m 55s ago
belyak joined 1h 5m 37s ago
Fail joined 0h 47m 50s ago
123 joined 0h 32m 54s ago
Giga joined 0h 23m 33s ago
Calyptso joined 0h 4m 10s ago

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