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FEAR OF EXTINCTION Gods Vs Monsters 1/5 H20/T50 - (v306.7)

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Location US  United States
Owner TheWineMakerMan
First Seen Aug 15, 2017 at 4:52 PM
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Posted by TheWineMakerMan 9 months ago (view single)
Which brings me to these "OG players" 6 in total if I recall got banned. For tolling a player off the server. This is not the responsibility of players. I have 4 admins and myself to contact and they took it upon themselves to troll them(the player) off the server. I even warned them multiple times to leave the player alone. They didn’t listen and it got all of them banned. It was as simple as that. So take what you will from this and I hope everyone finds a server they can enjoy somewhere. -Thanks TheWineMakerMan
Posted by TheWineMakerMan 9 months ago (view single)
First off, Thanks for your time on the server and your gameplay/Feedback. Also Thanks for the Bittersweet Comment Johnnyman10. but I have to provide more info here as my actions were prompted by player actions. Not my Ego. This group of friends enjoyed and played on my servers for 6 month. As time went by they grew more comfortable on the servers. Started breaking rules to test the response of my admins etc. these players had seen me ban players before for toxic behavior. as the server owner I have a responsibility to the community to keep toxic players off the servers.
Posted by Johnnyman10 1 year, 7 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
As of around two weeks ago, Owner went on a "power fit" and started banning most of the OG players on the server, I don't suggest playing the server, might be fun for a little "something new" but I highly recommend not getting attached to it.
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