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ArkDivers-8/4 RAG Cluster-PvP3XP,5T,5G,10B S+ - (v265.11)

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Join IP: US Map: ragnarok Rank: 4 Slots: 70
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Location US  United States
Owner Weathers
First Seen Jul 9, 2017 at 8:09 AM
Last Offline 0d 7h 25m 48s ago
Votes 41 Vote
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Posted by mcol 4 days ago (view single)
Great server. Good mods and rates. Active and fair admins. Best server I've found in 2 years of playing Ark.
Posted by Schoofinator 4 days ago (view single)
abusive admins. stay away
Posted by Weathers 4 days ago (view single)
Bad character clearly knows no limits... It is proven smart to have removed you from our server. Please keep your comments coming, you're actually helping our recruitment efforts when people of substance read your tasteless idiocy! It's awesome TY!!
Posted by Sheijk 5 days ago (view single)
Actually, i kiss your mother with this mouth, but that's besides the point. ABUSIVE ADMINS STAY AWAY!
Posted by Schoofinator 5 days ago (view single)
Abusive Admins, Stay Away!
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