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[WNRQ] PvE, Gaia. Shop, Active Admins - (v292.103)

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Join IP: DE Map: ragnarok Rank: 148 Slots: 35
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Location DE  Germany
First Seen Aug 22, 2018 at 9:12 PM
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Posted by Rogue0ne 4 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
Shit server. Owner left Data Downloads on, I brought over a maxed out character with full Ascension unlocked and then a bunch of tek and Arc currency. She then banned me claiming I cheated/exploited. How the F*** is data downloading a character and items cheating or exploiting? The game devs made that option that way. It's not my fault she is mentally retarded and doesn't know how to properly set up a server. So by her logic anyone built in anything higher than Thatch is cheating/exploiting because the higher tiered structures have more HP than Thatch. The higher tiered structures were made to have more HP by the game devs, just like data downloads was made to download your character and items. Stay away from this server or you might be the next banned player for making your character male instead of female or some other stupid reason she thinks is cheating/exploiting.
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