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[4/25] BlueStar Network 10x (PVP-ORP) - (v256.7)

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Posted by BattleNex 2 days ago (view single)
@sep Wasn't from us. :)
Posted by Sep 3 days ago (view single)
I wonder how many of these negative comments are from the tribe who was ran off for spouting racist and abusive vitriol in chat?
Posted by BattleNex 2 weeks ago (view single)
Well the server started out good with a nice community, good mods and decent admins. But then I noticed that admins just hand out obscene amounts of items / dinos to people for free. I'm not talking about raptors or small weak tames, I'm talking about max level dinos that are close to impossible to attain and are pure monsters. And yes I do know they do this because we were randomly given 15k starcoins (Server currency) which is equivalent to almost three purchasable Wyverns. But the final straw was when a specific group had unkillable dinos and decided to wipe us with admins among them. What made it so obvious is that they had extremely week dinos who could soak 100s of turrets and the chomps of a giga. Also, no we were not banned and had not done anything wrong, we rarely raided and if we did it was a counter raid. Server had potential but it disappointed like many admin abuse private servers.
Posted by intolerant 2 weeks ago (view single)
--ADMIN ABUSE STAY AWAY--Yeah Phantom, says the kid who went into the mesh with the admins to raid our base. This abuse has happened to more tribe than Buhbye. dead server is dead, proof of abuse:
Posted by PhantomViper 2 weeks ago (view single)
Great server and comments are really bending the truth here and lying quite a bit. Tribe got banned by majority community voted and now they are extremely salty. If you guys didn't want to risk getting banned then go play official but Blaze(the server owner) can run HIS server how HE wants. This tribe was raiding noobs to the server and people just starting to get established a 2-3 weeks after the wipe. They also raided loads of first time players after the wipe and got them to quit. Owner was encouraged by a majority of community members to ban for server health and in the end he did. To bad the damage was already done by this toxic tribe.
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