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Dinomite 3-22 10x PvP Cluster SS/AA/ORP/Shop/Kits 2 - (v327.19)

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Join IP: US Map: thecenter Rank: 1,248 Slots: 100
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Location US  United States
First Seen Mar 6, 2021 at 4:16 AM
Last Offline 0d 19h 10m 40s ago
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Posted by PayPerBuse 2 months ago (view single)
just want to tame dinos but getting spawn camped on the beach for 3 hours kinda ruins it
Posted by DiscordJJJJ6666 2 months ago (view single)
wowrobby09 is on this server and he just hacks most the time and the admins don't do anything about it after me submitting multiple tickets. 4/10
Posted by Justsomedude 2 months, 1 week ago (view single)
Would not recommend.
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