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1/1 Height Gaming 60xPvP shop drops Center - (v292.103)

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Join IP: US Map: thecenter Rank: 963 Slots: 101
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Location US  United States
Owner BigRadGaming
First Seen Oct 17, 2017 at 1:12 AM
Last Offline 1d 21h 29m 56s ago
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Posted by afterdark2807 4 months ago (view single)
Balanced stats, just very low population. The only PvP you will see is when the only other tribe on the server is annoyed with the progress you have made/you've become a threat and decides to start sniping your dinos and griefing you. Good luck on this server...
Posted by Tigrevurmud 8 months ago (view single)
this is a nice set of servers the people that run it are real nice. all servers have prob. even mine but you need to take things as is. nothing goes perfectly even large mmos have major issues
Posted by MandersOG 1 year, 2 weeks ago (view single)
Maybe the guy below can write something positive for a server for once. Nothing but a complainer pay no mind. This is the best server I've ever encountered. Great admin, great community!
Posted by BigRadGaming 1 year, 4 months ago (view single)
Fully custom cluster, hand picked mods, balanced high rate settings, mod items in loot drops, 1pt per min for the shop with 140 kits, active admin that despises admin abuse, admin rp shop, wipe warnings, strong uptimes, and friendly yet competitive community! Join the discord for all the info.
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