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(4-3) Dinomite 10x PvP Cluster S+/AA/ORP/Shop/Kits (EXT) - (v31

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Join IP: US Map: extinction Rank: 27 Slots: 100
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Location US  United States
First Seen Dec 7, 2019 at 10:25 PM
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Posted by jtjohnson260 1 month ago (view single)
Fun Cluster. High pop. Good rates
Posted by Squatch25 1 month ago (view single)
great server, fun climate
Posted by Gibbersaur 1 month ago (view single)
Love the decisions for pvp made on this genesis server, going to be playing on this server for a long time.
Posted by Gunnerusmc 1 month ago (view single)
The server i play on great admins
Posted by nickisrad 1 month, 1 week ago (view single)
My in-game name is Nick is Rad. I've joined this server cluster since 2/25, and it's honestly one of the best servers I have ever played one. The admins are respectful and put in a great amount of time/effort to ensure their player base is actively taken care of. Almost a week in, I've never experienced any lag or significant issues with the server that have resulted in significant down times. I highly recommend checking out Dinomite!
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