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Posted by BigRadGaming 4 months, 3 weeks ago
The NOS community is defined by its 3+ years of 100% uptime, the complete lack of admin abuse, it’s lifetime rewards for supporters, it’s balanced economy, it’s enormous shop, the hardcore PvP, you will either get raided or you will do some raiding, for using the latest and greatest mod set, for still having a base when you log back in, for the ranking systems and leaderboards, for clustering all official maps and dlc maps, for players participating in development, and for always developing the servers in favor of the players over all experience.
Posted by BigRadGaming 2 years, 3 weeks ago
One of the oldest and most professionally run ark servers. I've greatly increased the chances of players having a good experience... if you're a survivor. Those with the inability to survive need not apply. 0% chance of admin abuse. Strong server up-times. Chances for big raids are high. 3-10 man tribes preferred but, the shop levels the playing field towards the last half of the wipe cycle giving those solos that didn't tribe-up as well as new players an even better chance and gives everyone a chance to explore the shop. This is 100% ark; no personal drama is allowed. One of the most polished shops and its continually polished. Standard ark code of conduct, twitch terms of service, and a simple list of rules to maintain everyone's quality of experience do apply, otherwise play as you please.
Posted by BigRadGaming 2 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago
Our cluster is all official and official dlc maps. We just celebrated the cluster's 1 year anniversary, and my career as a server owner started a year before that. It's balanced for the weekend warrior but with respect to official R&D and aims to open you and your tribe to the full ark experience, save the miserable labor that vanilla demands. I can't promise a solo player can take on the alpha tribes with much success but 2 players together have a real shot at it. Admin pays points for bug finds that he can fix, we pvp @60x, keep the rules simple so you can actually play the fucking game, and it also includes a highly scrutinized and balanced mod list, plugin list, drops, and shop. All the info and links you need are on the discord and the steam page.
Posted by BigRadGaming 3 years, 6 months ago
Our cluster is the main focus of the community. It is 30x rate and has all 5 official maps. Also, we have running a 4x rag server, a 2000x, a community picked mods server, an isolated aberration 8x, and an event server. The community has plenty of room to grow and we invite all players looking for a fair pvp game to join us and see what you think!
Posted by BigRadGaming 3 years, 8 months ago
I am now hosting a dedicated box with 5ghz processor, ddos firewall, shop/kits, tons of effort put into balance, with a friendly yet competitive pvp community. Current setup is a cluster with rag, island, center, and scorched with plans to add aberration. Also coming is a low rate minimal mod server, a high rate limit pushing server, and a fun/test server.

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