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Dododex, a hugely popular tool used by the Ark: Survival Evolved community as a companion to Studio Wildcard's survival game, has just got a nifty new feature designed to help you compare dino to dino. Dododex's founder Dan Leveille has launched a new "interactive list of dinos to search, sort, and compare carryability, snares, and other attributes" to the tool's web version, which should make navigating the many attributes of Ark's many different dinos far quicker and easier. These features were previously only available on Dododex's app version, as the creator explains on the action-adventure game's subreddit, but with their web version debut they've got some nifty improvements, too. As you can see on the new web tool's page, there are five different charts covering various attributes - "flyer carryability, land and water carryability (including Procoptodon pouch for babies), structure samage types (Thatch, Wood, Metal...), snares and fraps, fits through (doors and gates)", as the creator explains. Each column lets you sort the dinos alphabetically and by the number of checkmarks ticked against them, and the list is searchable by a dino's name (this is an English language-only feature for now). Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: This Ark: Survival Evolved mod adds more than 500 items for a decadent home base Ark's final DLC has been delayed The best survival games on PC