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{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/00f4beaed39fb77da8cfa435383c35b9909441af.jpg Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! We hope everyone is getting ready for another Eggcellent Adventure! Be on the lookout for the event details in the next Community Crunch. We've been overwhelmed with the amazing content that's been shared by ARK content creators. We're always on the lookout for community content, so in addition to sharing and tagging your content on Twitter (#ARKArt, #playARK), be sure to check out our Discord where we have dedicated channels for community content. Join the ARK Discord EVO Event {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/be8af67db3c63d05cfa58a77e3ef37a1966f2671.jpg There will be no EVO event this week. Community Corner Clips/Videos Creator: Sypher Sam Sypher Sam is back again but this time with a tutorial on building a Viking-styled house. Creator: Zany Zebra Curious about what it's like to survive 200 days on hardcore? Find out with Zany Zebra! Fan Art Between2Dimensions - Noctis {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/804bb4f18822e235f5f38a45240bc38f6d3c1940.jpg elbakan - ARK Owl {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/145792a9c5827a2825702b056cbdf90d15d5b465.jpg @TekArk3 - First Night On ARK {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/c8f372c91bedb2933f9695dc0e19d27682833f4e.jpg SIMevolant - Rock Drake (Prismacolor Markers) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/e11ee5555c66d3d8056ee12c43826356b8dd0532.jpg Unknown Artist - Untitled {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/8f7e7144469ac20fe9d8d7ae3e28f5163872e3e1.jpg Maxolotl#7089 - Alien Sunrise {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/66d4400351bd7ede0b202c66c929a6687e1d9135.jpg  In-Game Screenshots KingWillrus#2876 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/9c97cfeddb6994c3256e2394528c87162dc62a7c.jpg @RinuxARK {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/8ba7a47e611ff2cf131f84cb0e14adb13e2195d1.jpg @ARKLove9 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/db3e9507d900b91ecd5b65f6878036492214aef6.jpg Eferhilda#4981 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8729288/55e3768fc208593fc08c20602d37f78edd9cebea.jpg Have a great weekend! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube: Facebook: