Latest ARK News and Updates

Love Evolved Love Evolved will be active on Tuesday, February 11 18:00 UTC and will run through Tuesday, February 18 18:00 UTC. While ARK is under Cupid's spell, you can expect to find past event items and brand new skins! See the full event details below: Dates 2/11 - 2/18 18:00 UTC Activities For the duration of the event, Coelacanth will be fishing for some love. Reel in these amorous fish and be showered in candies, some chocolates and even chibi pets! Rates Increased breeding rates to 3x (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) Increased player XP rates to 2x Increased harvesting rates to 2x New Emotes Flirt Emote New Items "Cupid Couture Bottom" (Pants Skin) "Cupid Couture Top" (Shirt Skin) "Halo Headband" (Hat Skin) "Teddy Bear Grenades" (Grenade Skin) "Bow & Eros" (Bow skin) "Love Shackles" (Handcuffs Skin) 6 New Chibi Pets Wild Event Creature Colors Red Magenta Light Red White Past Event Items Valentine Chocolates - Chocolates can be used to heal your tames or provide a big boost in acquiring new tames! Valentine Candies - Candies can be used to give a tamed dinosaur a random coloring!