Latest ARK News and Updates We're starting off 2019 strong! The promised public beta including S+ and Kibble changes will be available by the end of this week for survivors to play with. When we're ready to share the build we'll give you some more information on how to opt-in to this build through Steam. S+ Features that will be in the beta branch: - Made structure quick pickup time configurable in ini file (ServerSettings -> StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement, default = 30) - Added new ini config option to ignore the duration and always allow quick pickup (ServerSettings -> AlwaysAllowStructurePickup, default = false) - Improved quick pickup HUD text to avoid overlapping other text, and to format durations as timestamps if over 60 seconds to support very long times if configured for that - Enabled structure quick pickup for ALL structures. For structures that previously had pickup disabled, they now auto-disable quick pickup as soon as the player interacts with the structure in any way (unless AlwaysAllowStructurePickup is set to true) New structures/variants: - Added 'smooth' sidewall textures variants (like the stone foundation) to the stock square foundations - Triangle foundations - Triangle ceilings - Triangle roofs - Large (4x height) walls - Flexible pipe - Flexible electrical cable - Stairs (with freely swappable ramp variant) - Double door frames - Double doors - Dedicated storage (Tek structure that allows storing a large amount of a single resource) - Fence supports (allows you to build fences that are level along the top) Kibble changes that will be in the beta branch: All eggs have been assigned a value based on the size and rarity of the egg. These sizes include: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Special. The eggs are used in a recipe to create kibble of a coinciding value: Basic, Simple, Regular, Superior, Exceptional, and Extraordinary. This new system will make it so that creature kibble desires are based on the quality levels instead of specific creatures, which should greatly decrease the number of tamed creatures needed for the purposes of taming. Regarding previously crafted kibble: - Old kibbles will not be wiped, and will inherit their new "value/color" appropriately. - Old kibbles will still work to tame their appropriate creatures. - Old kibble will no longer be craftable, only the new types will be craftable. We will be taking your feedback into serious consideration regarding both of these changes so we invite you to communicate with us on our social media, the forums, reddit, etc with your opinions and critique. Once we're happy with where these features are at, we will be bringing them over to the PC main game. Modding Community Updates! Hello, Modders! I just wanted to remind everyone that the application for the sponsored mod program is open again. There is still a month to prepare your projects and apply for the program. Remember that these sponsorships are longer-term support, so I want to see what everyone has planned for up to a year of sponsorship time. Head over here to find the application: For anyone that isn't familiar with the program, we have a rolling set of community projects for which we provide support to the mod authors. You can check out the current sponsored projects here: Be sure to read the weekly Community Crunch over on our website,!