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Good gravy, don’t Nvidia’s Turing RTX 2080 cards look nice, eh? Yes, they’re just a teensy bit hideously expensive, but make no mistake. All three cards announced this evening, from the RTX 2070 right up to the RTX 2080Ti, have all been described to me as 4K, 60fps+ pixel pushers that are almost certainly going to be massive overkill for anyone still playing games at 1920×1080 or 2560×1440. But enough about the graphics cards – there’s a whole article for you to read about those if you haven’t already. Here, I’m talking games. Specifically, every game confirmed so far that will be benefiting from Nvidia’s oh-so-lovely ray-tracing tech that will hopefully make your RTX 20-series card feel like a worthwhile purchase. Here we go! (more…)