Latest ARK News and Updates

Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ??????? What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what this creature is? New Bug Reporting System! We are excited to bring to you a beta of our new bug submission process! By visiting the link below you will be brought to a bug submission page where you can send an issue you're experiencing in-game to our team. We hope that this new submission process will help us collect information and streamline the process. It is important to read and fill out the form correctly with as much information as possible in order for us to quickly and efficiently address issues. Videos and pictures with exact steps on how to reproduce an issue will help us do that. - If you are in need of a GM's assistance in-game you will still use the Customer Support ticket system. - If you want to report abuse/rule breaking happening on your official server, please use the Incident Report system instead. Upcoming Maintenance - Small Tribes Servers! After reading feedback about our Small Tribes players one of the concerns we've seen is transfers. While we don't want to disable them all together, we've made the decision to cluster off the Small tribes servers. This means that each server will be on a separate transfer group from the others, with 8-10 other servers and each of the maps represented in each cluster. In the future these Small Tribes servers will be added into new clusters as to prevent already existing and established tribes from transferring into them immediately when they are released. This process will take place on July 16th at 1pm EST. Tribes with multiple bases on multiple servers are advised to be aware of which servers they will have access to and move their bases accordingly so that they are all within the same cluster. It is important to also note that anything saved into your cloud MUST be downloaded prior to the servers being taken offline. Anything that is uploaded will be deleted during the clustering process. * indicates new servers that will be added between 1-2pm EST tomorrow to fill out the separated clusters. EU-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes5 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes4 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes17 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes23 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes6 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes18 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes36 *EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes49 EU-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes22 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes10 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes19 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes29 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes11 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes21 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes38 *EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes51 EU-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes28 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes16 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes34 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes35 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes12 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes24 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes47 *EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes50 NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes25 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes7 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes13 NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes2 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes1 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes14 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes41 *NA-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes54 NA-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes42 NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes3 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes9 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes27 NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes26 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes8 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes48 *NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes55 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes37 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes33 NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes32 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes39 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes45 EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes20 *EU-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes53 NA-PVP-Official-Aberration-SmallTribes31 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes46 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes40 NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes44 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes15 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-SmallTribes30 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-SmallTribes43 *NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-SmallTribes52 Upcoming Maintenance - Fresh Servers Joining Main Cluster! On July 3rd the first set of Fresh Servers that were released will be joining the main cluster as the 60 period has expired. This will happen during our 1pm EST deployment. *FRESH*EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland395 *FRESH*EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter396 *FRESH*EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok397 *FRESH*EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland398 *FRESH*EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland399 *FRESH*EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok400 *FRESH*EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland401 *FRESH*EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter402 *FRESH*EU-PVP-Official-Aberration403 *FRESH*NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland404 *FRESH*NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland405 *FRESH*NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter406 *FRESH*NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland407 *FRESH*NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok408 *FRESH*NA-PVE-Official-Aberration409 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland410 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland411 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter412 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland413 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland414 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter415 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland416 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter417 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok418 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland419 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok420 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth421 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland422 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok423 *FRESH*NA-PVP-Official-Aberration424 Community Livestream #5 This Thursday! This Thursday July 5th the community team will be doing another biweekly livestream! During these livestreams Zen Rowe, Chris, and Jen bring you ARK news, celebrate modding, and the community as a whole every other week. We mix it up between playing ARK, showing off mods, and showing off your community creations for all to see. Survivors are invited to join us in the chat (and sometimes even in-game) to play and talk with the community team. We are accepting any type of ARK related fanart to be featured in the showcase section of the stream and entries are always open. This can be drawings, videos, builds, ANSEL screenshots, handmade crafts, anything ARK related! You can submit your ARKwork to our streaming email address: Be sure to follow us on our Twitch page so you don't miss a stream! We'll be hosting our next Community Live Stream on Thursday, July the 5th! We hope to see you there :) Salien! The Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale is here! Until July 4th you can collect an ARK-themed outfit for your Salien when participating in the sale, or by playing the Summer Saliens Game to win free games! ARK'S BIGGEST SALE! ARK and its expansion packs are currently on sale across all platforms at their lowest prices ever! Check out the image and links below for more details! ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Explorer's Edition ARK: Season Pass ARK: Scorched Earth ARK: Aberration ARK: Evolution Event - Fourth of July! Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this Fourth of July! It will be active from Tuesday the 3rd of July at 2 PM EST until Thursday the 5th of July at 2 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Maturation Rates 2x Mating Rates 2x Egg Hatching Rates And also... Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 6th of July at 1 PM EST until Monday the 9th of July at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share please get in touch and be sure to follow us on: Community Hub: Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Youtube: