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I had it all planned out. I’d reach level 21 and unlock tranquiliser arrows, which I could then shoot at a triceratops to knock it out long enough to tame it. Then I d craft a saddle for my newly-owned Trike (as it s known in the game) and stomp around collecting more berries than I could feasibly eat in a lifetime. I d use those berries including Narcoberries, which help keep dinosaurs asleep while you tame them to breed a small army of raptors, more Trikes and a flying Pteranodon to transport me around this tropical island. It was one arbitrary goal among an infinite sea of possible arbitrary goals in Ark: Survival Evolved , a sandbox craft-and-survive multiplayer game set in a world where dinosaurs can be mounted with cannons. The game left early access two weeks ago, and here’s wot I think. (more…)