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!DopeArk x10 [29/05] 120Tick PVP-Schedule ISLAND - (v310.117)

1 Month Seasons
PVE weekdays and PVP weekends
Double Rates on Weekends
Harvest = x10
Taming = x10
Xp = x15
Dino Max LVL = 150
Max Players Per Tribe = 6
Max Tribes Per Alliance = 2
ORP = lasts for 48hr only
Base Decay time for non donators = 10 days
Base Decay Time for Donators = 15 days
FRAMERATE = 120 Tick (4x Default)
Command Logging = Enabled

Server Specs
Cpu: I7 4790k (Watercooled)
Motherboard: Msi Z97-g45 Gaming
Ram: 32gb Kingston Ram
Storage: Dual 1tb Samsung 870 EVO
Network: 100mb Up/down + 1gbps burst ddos protection

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Current Players: 0/70 (Auto-Updates)
There are currently no players online on this server

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