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(WNG) 5x PvE UK Cluster - The Island - (v346.30)

WickedNinjaGames presents ARK: Survival Evolved.
Our 9 map server cluster, over a year in the making, is open to new and more experienced players looking for a smooth experience with new challenges.

WickedNinjaGames Website

Cluster Features (Not an exclusive list)
Structures Plus
Lethal's Reusables
Castles Keeps & Forts
Dino Storage with passive generation
Kal's Auto Farm
Kraken's Better Dinos
Flyer Speed Levelling
Map Extensions
Corpse Recovery
Cross Cluster Tribe and Global Chat
In-Game Currency, Store and Rewards
Improved Supply Drops and Loot Chests
Custom Engram Progression
No Wipes

Server Settings
Experience x 5
Harvesting x 5
Taming Speed x 5
Mating Interval 35-90 mins
Breeding x 5
Custom Stack Sizes
Wild Dinosaur Level: 150
Max Player Level 155
Increased Player and Tame Weight
6 Person Tribes
Genesis Tek enabled
In-game gamma adjustment

Connecting to the servers without installing the mods will cause you to timeout

PvE Maps - Steam - Launch 25/02/2020

The Island -
Scorched Earth -
Aberration -
Extinction -

Crystal Isles -
Ragnarok -
Valguero -
Genesis -

Fjördur -

PvE Mods
Here is the list of Mods we currently run for PvE maps:
(WNG) PvE Cluster Mods

Any questions? Come and chat:
WickedNinjaGames Discord
WickedNinjaGames Website

Or direct message me with any questions.

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Current Players: 3/40 (Auto-Updates)
Lola joined 3h 7m 27s ago
Stone Cold joined 2h 33m 20s ago
En poudre joined 0h 4m 48s ago

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