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Asgard Awakens - Wiped 5/12 [S+][SE+](x10 All) - (v257.54)

Welcome to Asgard Awakens: Home of the Gods! For millennia the Gods have they have awakened to a new world where they must rise again to rule and conquer once more. This is a PVP server running The Center map. Welcome to Asgard Awakens!

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Current Players: 51/70 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Grimnir 1 year ago (view single)
This is a privately -owned server no hosting service that has been actively hosting since January. Server specs: I7 4790K 32 GB DDR3 2-256 GB SSD 25 Mb/s bandwidth. Come join the Asgard community.
Posted by Grimnir 1 year, 1 week ago (view single)
Trash got taken out with JohnnyRotten; but-sore adolescent, good riddance. Great server; owner & admins care about the player community.
Posted by Grimnir 1 year, 3 weeks ago (view single)
Amazing server, lots of fun & a great community! Salty trolls say what you want but you can't change the truth. This server is AWESOME and they have a maze event that's WOW. 10/10
Posted by Grimnir 1 year, 4 weeks ago (view single)
This is a great server. Why? Because it belongs to the player community. I've never heard of the owner shunning anyone or not listening to what the players like or dislike. Bottom line is that no matter how hard the owner and his admins try, there will always be a salty troll lurking to spew out some nonsensical bullshit. Brain (clearly the lack of any) is just mad because he's still living in his Mommy's basement.
Posted by Grimnir 1 year, 1 month ago (view single)
Really Jim, Cmon man you're a better player and person then that. Sam said it PERFECTLY, it the player community's responsibility to run toxic player's off not the admins. Admins are there to help; which they've always done, and enforce the rules. You chose to leave the server instead of taking out the trash. This is a great server and you and yours logged A LOT of hours; why would anyone log that many hours if they weren't having a good time, but you let one player run you off.
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