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! LC PVE Primal Fear Eternal Valguero 15x - (v315.4)

LC PVE Primal Fear Eternal Cluster 15x

Increased rates for all:
15xH\XP | 75xTame | Fast Breeding/hatching | LvL600 Wild Dinos
Lost Continent Ark Servers. Running continually since Aug 2015.

Challenging dinosaurs, scary as hell! Set out and conquer four prehistoric worlds! Good luck!
Ragnarok, Valguero, Extinction and The Island all clustered together.

Active Admins.
Great community of helpful PVE players.
Free Rewards & Kits!
Shop for resources, dinos and mod items! Instant redeeming.

! LC PVE Primal Fear Eternal Cluster
Server 1: Valguero
Connect: steam://connect/
Server 2: Ragnarok
Connect: steam://connect/
Server 3: The Island
Connect: steam://connect/
Server 4: Extinction
Connect: steam://connect/

Fast loading with excellent mods. (use mod collection link to subscribe to all to preload)


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Current Players: 0/35 (Auto-Updates)
There are currently no players online on this server

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