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Cluster Mod Collection
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» Auto Force respawn Dinos with server restarts
» Automatic Alerts & Announcements
» Automatic Server Monitoring/restarts
» Automatic Update Checkups every 30 mins
» Automatic Player Data Backups Every 60 mins
» Automatic Server restarts Every 24 hours
» Taming x15
» Gathering x10
» Experience x20
» Crop Growth x25
» Incubation Speed x25
» Baby Mature Speed x10 (1000x Using Premium Care)
» More Weight Capacity x10
» Faster Mating Interval x10
» Structure Limit = 6,000
» Player Corpse Decay = 1 hour

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Current Players: 4/75 (Auto-Updates)
UaeLord911 joined 0h 9m 39s ago
Cyndral joined 0h 9m 27s ago
hunter008436 joined 0h 8m 35s ago
xKOOLAIDGODx joined 0h 7m 34s ago

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