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Cluster Mod Collection
Connect to Genesis Map
Connect to Valguero Map
Connect to Ragnarok Map
Connect to Extinction Map
Connect to Crystal Isles Map
Connect to Center Map
Connect to Island Map
Connect to Aberration Map
Connect to Scorched Earth Map
Connect to Antartika Map
» Auto Force respawn Dinos with server restarts
» Automatic Alerts and Announcements
» Automatic Server Monitoring/restarts
» Automatic Update Checkups every 30 mins
» Automatic Player Data Backups Every 60 mins
» Automatic Server restarts Every 24 hours
» Taming x15
» Gathering x10
» Experience x20
» Crop Growth x25
» Incubation Speed x25
» Baby Mature Speed x10
» More Weight Capacity x10
» Faster Mating Interval x10
» Structure Limit = 6,000
» Player Corpse Decay = 1 hour

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Current Players: 5/75 (Auto-Updates)
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Primal Fear Cluster Mod List:
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