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!Fanatic Survival x20x 17/12 December 17 CLUSTER/EVENTS/ORP/ -

Fanatic Survivalis a 20x 6man tribe ark cluster with few mods(S+, Dino Storage(Souls), Solo Farm, Shop, Awesome Spyglass, Awesome Teleporters, stacks, Arkomatic)

With the following Cluster: Genesis2/Ragnarok/Extinction/Valguero/The Center/The Istand !!

If you are interested in taking part in this experience, don't forget to join our discord for a better clarification of our server and to recruit new tribe members.

5k stacks(most items) and 80% weight reduction
Level up flyers speed stat
Free Kits
Active staff
and more

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 4/60 (Auto-Updates)
123 joined 0h 46m 19s ago
arian76203820 joined 0h 36m 28s ago
DBB joined 0h 16m 16s ago
Mom Black joined 0h 13m 24s ago

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