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Bacon Blitz! 2/21 50x/Shop/Kit/ORP/AutoProt/6man - (v306.65)

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Current Players: 24/100 (Auto-Updates)
mercy joined 15h 14m 1m ago
detailking416 joined 13h 57m 55s ago
tenaciousblimp joined 13h 45m 59s ago
123 joined 11h 29m 30s ago
quoc.anh1026 joined 10h 5m 40s ago
vominhduc1989 joined 8h 1m 47s ago
NgoThaiHoa(吴泰和)。 joined 4h 49m 28s ago
chaz joined 3h 7m 20s ago
123 joined 2h 49m 46s ago
Mon joined 2h 48m 32s ago
LQT joined 2h 23m 29s ago
ExiLe joined 2h 3m 54s ago
EpicDoritoLover joined 1h 56m 6s ago
Endzstream joined 1h 54m 37s ago
flavian_62 joined 1h 24m 54s ago
123 joined 1h 23m 30s ago
Alphamemnon joined 1h 16m 55s ago
SUPLEMENTO NÃO É... joined 0h 50m 8s ago
Ban joined 0h 45m 53s ago
MKCN joined 0h 39m 5s ago
Dremonie joined 0h 23m 57s ago
DaͭrͪkMoͤⓄn joined 0h 21m 21s ago
TurtleOG joined 0h 1m 24s ago
123 joined 0h 1m 21s ago

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Posted by madpiltzer 1 year ago (view single)
We've upgraded to a better Dedicated Server for better performance and additional Ark servers in the cluster. Thanks for all the support. You guys are great. :)
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