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8/16 LNG Aberration 20x ALL Cluster Kits/Shop S+ AA - (v298.3)

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Posted by steveoo12354 1 month, 3 weeks ago (view single)
nuwine and his tribes mates were asked to move because me and the admin crew determined that where his base was located to be meshing. their base was built in an underwater "cave" with an entrance barley big enough to squeeze your character through. while inside the cave turrets could shoot right through the walls, the cave also led deep into the undermesh would of ark. at many points of this cave you could simply exit by phasing through the wall. we were not mean about this at all. we gave them plenty of time to relocate and even offered protection(which they declined). turns out we were correct in calling this a meshed area because in the most recent ark patch this area was patched. the hole they once used to get in is now sealed off and the entire "cave" is now filled in.
Posted by nuwine 2 months ago (view single)
Admins called us for meshing with base location that we have lived in on their server for the last 5 months.
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