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03.April Salty Bay[Valguero] x10 8ManTribe - (v310.11)

Welcome to Salty Bay!
Join my Discord for further information:

- Cluster Ragnarok / Island / Valguero
Extinction and Aberration will be added after one week

- MaxPlayerLevel = 105
- MaxDinoLevel = 150
- AllEngrams = Enabled

- Xp x10
- Harvest x10
- Taming x10

- EggHatch x20
- Breeding x20
- MatingTimer 0.3

- Food/Water 0.5

- BeaconQualy 1.0
- FishingQualy 1.2
- Lootcrade(White) rewritten - contain dino tropys
- MovementMulti 2x movement gain per level for land and water dinos

- Tribememberlimit=6
- Alliance=false

- Managarmr disabled



- S+

- Stackmod

- Awesome SpyGlass

- WBUI Editable Server UI

- Classic Glider

- Ark-y-TeK Random Box (shop...)

- Salty structures

- Cake fix

- thingy (shop interface)

[u]Hardware Setup[/u]

2 x Dedicated Server
i7 7700k @4,8Ghz
256GB Samsung NVMe M.2 SSD
1 GB/s

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 35/80 (Auto-Updates)
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