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Gone Rogue! [PvPvE][4x GR/XP][6x Tame/Breed] - (v255.1)

(PC Server, The Island) Gone Rogue! [PvPvE][4x GR/XP][6x Tame/Breed]

Map: The Island - NO MODS

*4x Gather Rate / Experience
*6x Taming / Breeding / Hatching

** No Titanosaurs, no Wooden Rafts

Do you get nervous when you log into ARK and your favorite server isn't online, isn't patched, has disappeared? Are you looking for a server that's in it for the long-haul? Or are you a solo player that wants to simply build peacefully and yet still snipe the idiot that won't shut up in general chat?

Server raids with only flare guns have occurred! Tranquilizing new players to put decent starter gear on them has happened. Raids where an entire vault was found unlocked and filled with compass blueprints... yeah that's a thing.

Community chat is active, trading occurs regularly between tribes, and PVP is as active as you participate. Alpha tribe discourages griefing, while the admin is happy to simply tame, give stuff away and clean up demolishable bases.

Active, hands-off admin, community polices itself. Fairly quiet pvp - if you start it, don't whine when the community finishes it! PVP community that tries to focus on fair fights with a simple ruleset:

*1. No building in or blocking land caves
*2. No blocking major metal spawns (2+) by building
*3. No exploits of any nature will be tolerated
*4. No racist or bigoted idiocy

Admin logging enabled; admin does not spawn items, the only time admin commands are used is to help stuck dinos, etc.
Server started on 8/25/15; demolish timers are on and admin regularly cleans bases left behind. TONS of space available if you're not too scared to move off the beaches!
In order to promote community, NO wipes are expected to occur unless forced by the devs.
Server typically patched within 2-4 hours of any patch released.
Server on high priority CPU usage, runs very smoothly!

Questions? Free free to message me or hop on the server.

*Server IP:
*Search for "Gone Rogue" in Unofficial list
*or use:

Steam Group:

** New Community Discord Server Added!**

Click the banner for even more information & stats
Current Players: 22/60 (Auto-Updates)
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