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17/10[MaNiAc PVP][4ManTribes/OffTurretDmgx4/X15[Val] - (v315.4)

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MAPS: Ragnarok, Crystal Isles, Genesis, Extinction, Valguero and Aberration!

- Type /Suicide in chat for suicide.
- Max wild dino level: 150 ( Wyvern 190) (TEK Dinos 180)
- Flyers max speed nerfed (Ptera 150% Argy 125% Wyvern 140% Tape 150% Quetz 200% Griffin 136%)
- Cave dmg x6
- Quality Drops 1.5
- Saddle Armour Clamp = 185%/148%/105%
- Weapon Damage Clamp = 400%
- Armour Max Durability Clamp = 1020
- Turret limit 250
- Cannon damage to structures is disabled.
- Max player level: 105 + Ascension Levels
(Ascend to lvl 120 to unlock almost all tek engrams, lvl 140 for genesis tek engrams)
- Tamed dinos +100 levels
- Giga, Rock Elemental and Reapers cannot be tamed the first 48h after wipe start.
- Raft and Motorboat disabled
- Crystal wyverns nerfed resistance to even out the high hp they can get
- Tropeognathus nerfed dmg
- Mana┬┤s Disabled (Because of a glitch they still spawn, but with 0.0001 hp)
- Gasbags nerfed resistance
- Extinction element outcome is nerfed
- Titan transfer is disabled
- Rock Drake Tek Saddle Disabled
- Fence Foundations Disabled
- Boss element drop increased (Manticore┬┤s element is added to dragon)
- Nanny imprint 100%
- Faster mating speed 0.15
- Tribe limit: 4
- Alliance disabled, Verbal ally is ok, check rules for this.
- x15 Experience
- x15 Harvesting
- x15 Taming
- x20 Egg hatching
- x20 Breeding,Mature
- Unlimited mindwipes
- Level a chibi max to get +5 levels.
- Kill Gamma Boss At Valguero To Get Gamma Ascend 5+ levels ( Kill Manticore Last!! )
- Kill Beta Boss At Valguero To Get Beta Ascend 10+ levels ( Kill Manticore Last!! )
- Kill Alpha Boss At Valguero To Get Alpha Ascend 15+ levels ( Kill Manticore Last!! )
- Kill Alpha Boss At Ragnarok To Get Genesis Ascend 5+ levels ( Kill Manticore Last!! )
- Kill Gamma Boss At Aberration To Get Rock ascend +5 levels.
- Kill Beta Boss At Aberration To Get Rock ascend +10 levels.
- Kill Alpha Boss At Aberration To Get Rock ascend +15 levels.

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Current Players: 3/125 (Auto-Updates)
Wong Vong joined 0h 32m 34s ago
Aamperage joined 0h 17m 14s ago
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Latest Comments

Posted by djyohannes 6 months, 1 week ago (view single)
if it is a fast paced server 2 weeks are actually long.... depends on setup obviously. I wipe my servers 5-6 weeks and they are PVE..... So it's up to admin....
Posted by Heineken 1 year, 1 month ago (view single)
Admin wipe servers every 2 weeks so don't bother playing here unless you enjoy starting all over again and again
Posted by RedHotAdminAbuse 1 year, 3 months ago (view single)
Watched Youtube. Never saw turret. Much disappoint.
Posted by 1lock1 1 year, 4 months ago (view single)
No, I reported them meshing first long before that and if you actually investigated, you would have seen that none of the turrets in there were anywhere near the mesh lmao. You wouldn't have to sponsor your server if you dealt with things like an adult
Posted by leonne 1 year, 4 months ago (view single)
Hello. You broke the rules! No meshing! Players reported you for it:
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