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NOS100xPvPCLSTR-ShopDropsLBoardDiscordBossLoot - Ext - (v299.26

Fully custom cluster, hand picked mods, balanced high rate settings, mod items in loot drops, 1pt per min for the shop with 140 kits, active admin that despises admin abuse, admin rp shop, wipe warnings, strong uptimes, and friendly yet competitive community! Join the discord for all the info. or visit the steam page:

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Posted by BigRadGaming 1 month, 3 weeks ago (view single)
lucky for all the players here, the admin won't release an unfinished product! even during this time of improvement and maintenance, there's still a map to join within the community. admin is doing his part to create a great experience. if you browse the record in the discord you will see on time launch targets that are at an opportune time of week. but players love to call you out for taking too long to deliver a good product? please come look at all the corrected mistakes we have accumulated over the excessive time building this community and decide for yourself!
Posted by Drewpooter 1 month, 3 weeks ago (view single)
Server promised a Friday 8/23 release, the admin kept pushing back until Sunday. When players advised him that they thought a Sunday release was not fair to people who worked Full time he lost his shit on them. Rude admin and false promises of release, I would skip on this.
Posted by BigRadGaming 2 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
The past few wipes we have been going through some growing pains. Staying with the brand new 3rd party content does sometimes mean this community is subjected to the crashes and bugs that come with new development, but I always choose the authors that are top quality and work closely with them to resolve any issues. This season most bugs have been resolved! A Unique and modern config among Ark servers! Every angle of the meta is scrutinized, studied, and balanced as the seasons go by. We're in a great place if you're a hardcore builder. We have a creative server with GCM for players and structure restorer option for the PvP cluster.Build something timeless! Build for PvP: melee arenas, sniper arenas, dino pits, labyrinth... save your builds, share them with the cluster, get points any time your build is used for the cluster!
Posted by BigRadGaming 3 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
8 max tribe limit now, anti-mesh added, leaderboards and achievements, discord offline raid notifications, and the greatest arkshop of all time.
Posted by BigRadGaming 4 months, 3 weeks ago (view single)
One of the oldest and most professionally run ark servers. I've greatly increased the chances of players having a good experience... if you're a survivor. Those with the inability to survive need not apply. 0% chance of admin abuse. Strong server up-times. Chances for big raids are high. 3-10 man tribes preferred but, the shop levels the playing field towards the last half of the wipe cycle giving those solos that didn't tribe-up as well as new players an even better chance and gives everyone a chance to explore the shop. This is 100% ark; no personal drama is allowed. One of the most polished shops and its continually polished. Standard ark code of conduct, twitch terms of service, and a simple list of rules to maintain everyone's quality of experience do apply, otherwise play as you please.
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