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Fully custom cluster, hand picked mods, balanced high rate settings, mod items in loot drops, 1pt per min for the shop with 140 kits, active admin that despises admin abuse, admin rp shop, wipe warnings, strong uptimes, and friendly yet competitive community! Join the discord for all the info. or visit the steam page:

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Current Players: 3/255 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by BigRadGaming 4 months, 2 weeks ago (view single)
The past few wipes we have been going through some growing pains. Staying with the brand new 3rd party content does sometimes mean this community is subjected to the crashes and bugs that come with new development, but I always choose the authors that are top quality and work closely with them to resolve any issues. This season most bugs have been resolved! A Unique and modern config among Ark servers! Every angle of the meta is scrutinized, studied, and balanced as the seasons go by. We're in a great place if you're a hardcore builder. We have a creative server with GCM for players and structure restorer option for the PvP cluster.Build something timeless! Build for PvP: melee arenas, sniper arenas, dino pits, labyrinth... save your builds, share them with the cluster, get points any time your build is used for the cluster!
Posted by Gene 5 months ago (view single)
Great server! Admin is very active. My tribe will being staying on these servers. Love it, It would be Hard to find a cluster any better maintained
Posted by howdeep 5 months ago (view single)
Nicsta is mad because he got banned for being toxic and rude and nobody wanted a part in his drama queen world. The server has best mods and settings with great admin response.
Posted by Mgsgta3 5 months ago (view single)
this site wont let me post long comments so my summary is that this is genuinely a VERY well made server. All the things that matter this server does right. No person or server is absolutely perfect but this server comes a hell of a lot closer than the other ones out there.
Posted by BigRadGaming 5 months ago (view single)
Our community is bigger than just the NOS cluster. This salty player is literally on about getting a ban for himself for 24hrs for using the n word. Shouldve banned him permanently so he couldnt log back in at all. Its been well over a year since all that happened. If a player wants to know what happens here they can see the record of everything that happens in the community via discord and all the members that have been here for years, not from salty players that are punished temporarily and hold weird grudges for ages after leaving the community. See how this shady character is more interested in making personal attacks and using real life names? Those are the exact players that get perma bans from my community as we have strict rules about taking things to a personal level... whether its true info or not. Which its not. And yep, the admin will interviene if theres a violation of rules and always be on to maintain everyones quality of experience.
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