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Current Players: 28/70 (Auto-Updates)
123 joined 5h 52m 50s ago
123 joined 5h 52m 48s ago
123 joined 5h 52m 48s ago
Dominus joined 5h 20m 2s ago
Bubbles joined 4h 19m 34s ago
De_pressed joined 3h 15m 23s ago
jvollweiler joined 3h 4m 58s ago
killbodies joined 2h 13m 58s ago
y joined 1h 53m 7s ago
123 joined 1h 26m 25s ago
HippieOfWar joined 1h 23m 38s ago
123 joined 1h 12m 53s ago
TheAznSummoner joined 1h 1m 50s ago
I aimbot joined 0h 57m 23s ago
HeadshotMachine joined 0h 50m 45s ago
123 joined 0h 46m 0s ago
Cypher joined 0h 44m 45s ago
GrumpyYin joined 0h 36m 51s ago
PlipPlup joined 0h 24m 58s ago
Helphant joined 0h 23m 38s ago
ASDFGHJK joined 0h 22m 36s ago
ReFlex joined 0h 18m 12s ago
me joined 0h 14m 36s ago
Falty Ha joined 0h 10m 31s ago
KooK joined 0h 10m 26s ago
Mossy joined 0h 9m 10s ago
PanderZ joined 0h 8m 49s ago
RatGod joined 0h 5m 57s ago

Latest Comments

Posted by KILLLINS 8 months ago (view single)
Thank you to all the players for keeping this server active and in the top ranks.
Posted by KILLLINS 8 months, 2 weeks ago (view single)
Thanks for all of your support everyone, because of the players this server is populated and high ranking!
Posted by KILLLINS 8 months, 2 weeks ago (view single)
I want to thank all the players who left positive comments and upvoted the server. Cheers to you all, without you our server is nothing. Your continued support for this server has kept it in the top 20 servers for almost 2 weeks now. Thank you!
Posted by KILLLINS 9 months, 4 weeks ago (view single)
Iam happy that your happy Layne, thanks for your support, we truly Have a great a great group of players on the server.
Posted by KILLLINS 9 months, 4 weeks ago (view single)
wiping friday at 6pm, get ready to grind
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