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About These Timers

The first timer is our server list update and tracking timer. When this timer hits 0, our tracking servers query each and every server on our list and store the online status, players & playercount, map, gamemode, and other information from your server. Once the timer hits 0, you can watch the progress of our tracker from this page.

The second timer is our new server fetching timer. When this timer hits 0, our tracking servers will contact Valve's master server and add servers that are not on our list already. If you just put your server online, or just purchased a server - this is the time you'll be interested in. Once your server is added, it will need to be tracked by the server list updater.

Basically, the first one tracks the servers on our current list - while the second one adds new servers from the master server list onto our list.

Next server list update and tracking in 1 minutes 46 seconds

New servers will be fetched in 3 minutes 46 seconds

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Top ARK Server Countries

Click on a region to view servers located there #1 United States United States: 9,501 servers
#2 Germany Germany: 4,064 servers
#3 Canada Canada: 1,698 servers
#4 United Kingdom United Kingdom: 695 servers
#5 France France: 439 servers
#6 Netherlands Netherlands: 267 servers
#7 China China: 184 servers
#8 Russian Federation Russian Federation: 170 servers
#9 Japan Japan: 160 servers
#10 Australia Australia: 142 servers
#11 Italy Italy: 101 servers
#12 Sweden Sweden: 93 servers
#13 Czech Republic Czech Republic: 51 servers
#14 Norway Norway: 49 servers
#15 Denmark Denmark: 45 servers

Players on ARK servers, last 3 days

ARK Servers online, last 3 days

ARK Server Heat Map

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