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[ARKISYOURS.COM] PvP Allx10 WIPE 01/13 GIGACLUSTER - (v276.42)

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Server Information
Join IP: GB Map: ragnarok Rank: 7 Slots: 90
Query IP
Location GB  United Kingdom
Owner arkadmin101
First Seen Jan 12, 2018 at 5:30 PM
Last Offline 1d 5h 14m 36s ago
Votes 3 Vote
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Current Players: 47/90 (Auto-Updates)
Van Damme joined 16h 19m 30s ago
I know da way joined 10h 32m 5s ago
Antesz joined 9h 28m 3s ago
SirRugen joined 7h 28m 34s ago
THC Gamer joined 7h 7m 19s ago
Terreur joined 7h 4m 19s ago
Mr Sensitive joined 6h 36m 4s ago
Ankkz joined 5h 46m 48s ago
ComeAnima joined 5h 16m 8s ago
Luna joined 4h 35m 20s ago
123 joined 4h 25m 8s ago
EZZ joined 4h 5m 1m ago
JAP ✔ joined 3h 55m 56s ago
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Darkmel56 joined 3h 50m 32s ago
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Folox joined 3h 48m 8s ago
AChunkyHedgehog joined 3h 41m 31s ago
Dr. Master108 joined 3h 30m 29s ago
FattyMedati joined 3h 17m 32s ago
shixx Usta joined 3h 12m 24s ago
Shady Endersson joined 3h 10m 47s ago
00F | Mattdokn ... joined 2h 37m 31s ago
Gallu joined 2h 29m 33s ago
Curry King joined 2h 23m 56s ago
Mr2Ez joined 2h 12m 18s ago
Camplord joined 2h 9m 53s ago
henrmat joined 2h 9m 21s ago
SprayAim joined 2h 5m 9s ago
archiedixson joined 1h 52m 52s ago
[TeamBrocoli] No... joined 1h 43m 11s ago
Robakandao joined 1h 35m 11s ago
Baffy joined 1h 33m 31s ago
PINKFLOWER012 joined 1h 32m 8s ago
-gABRIEL joined 1h 16m 32s ago
Nrninja1232 joined 1h 3m 21s ago
Tom joined 0h 59m 15s ago
p o joined 0h 53m 13s ago
AOD_Clyptic joined 0h 50m 32s ago
LFB joined 0h 35m 0s ago
I'm an Oak Tree joined 0h 34m 17s ago
trxdr3 joined 0h 23m 5s ago
Ima Npc joined 0h 21m 23s ago
Legojedi1106 joined 0h 8m 51s ago
Lae89 joined 0h 6m 20s ago
Joney joined 0h 5m 30s ago
daking7988 joined 0h 1m 6s ago