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10/8 TriHardGaming RAG 25x Kits/Shop CustomDrops - (v284.104)

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First Seen Sep 21, 2018 at 5:59 PM
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Posted by Trihard 1 day ago (view single)
Kiss my ass homie. Just cuz you're salty doesn't mean you're right. I've banned multiple VIPs before so before you post false info, check your facts kiddo.
Posted by therealhughmungus 1 day ago (view single)
Considering Arty is playing with the admins I wouldn't hold to much weight with what he said. On the real tho server has "VIP" packages anyone with one of these will never get banned even with video proof of them actively meshing a base admitting to purposely crashing the server if anyone starts to raid them. Some admins play on the server spawn themselves in massive bases and lag out the server hard. honest opinion avoid this server like the plague.
Posted by arty 3 days ago (view single)
The server has great mods and cluster selection. The admins are really helpful in when it comes to meshing issue. they fully investigate the issue at hand. They do a really good job of responding to people. recently, a lot of players have been hard on admins and most have been stepping down. Don't let negative comments deter you from the server because every server has rotten apple once in while and owner does a good job at fixing the situation.
Posted by tametheark 2 weeks ago (view single)
Admins join your tribe and build under the mesh to get you banned.
Posted by dendharr 2 weeks ago (view single)
Server is ok, but not great.
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