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!WIPED 8/29 Falcons Ledge - Ragnarok! [10xALL][S+] - (v269.2)

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Posted by elementaljarl26 1 month, 2 weeks ago (view single)
To be short and sweet, the server was good at first. Now the admin takes things so seriously and a lot of forms of pvp are discouraged, yet it is a PVP SERVER. If you do something the admin doesnt like, you are screwed. Would not reccomend this server, have played for over 2 months, unfortunate bc it had very good mods and settings. Hopefully it will be fixed and the admin will think about what he has done to the population and will change his ways.
Posted by awesometwin 1 month, 2 weeks ago (view single)
The admin did a good job in the mods he chose for the server, but that's as far as his "good job" goes. He banned a tribe because they offended him by naming their tribe "ADMINSWIFE". After the tribe members explained that it was an inside joke in the tribe, had nothing to do with the admin, and they were changing it as soon as their friend got off work; the admin banned them. This admin also bans tribes for being "overly aggressive"... on a pvp server... He also claims that he doesn't raid, but if you call him out on it, he'll be glad to come level your base. There's a reason the server was a top 50 and is now sub-200 as of posting.
Posted by BuGsY 1 month, 2 weeks ago (view single)
I fear, that a planned wipe (structure/dino only), on Aug 8th to coincide with the game release, and an overly strong stance against aggressive PvP tribes may have sent this server from a top 50 to a 500+. I would hope that after the actual wipe, on the 26th, the admins will allow more community policing vs moderator. While I like the admin and find him fair, i feel he engaged the community too much AS an admin. The best admin is the one you never know exists. I enjoyed this server a lot and want to see it grow but I feel certain rules need to properly posted and remain in the MotD and less oversight by the admin so the community can self manage. Like: If you have Metal/A-Turrets then you can't raid Stone Bases.* You may not raid the same Tribe more then 2x per week.* No Blocking of Artifacts / Obelisk / Caves *Exceptions: Proximity / Retaliation
Posted by BuGsY 1 month, 4 weeks ago (view single)
I can attest to the integrity of the admins on this server. The Tribe, TSGH consisted of YoshE, jaegerb99, krimboslice, StatixBlue and mako1132. They crashed the server 7 times in one night trying to raid a cave base. Each crash coincided with a them losing something of value to the raid. I have been raiding other tribes on this server since day 2 and not once has this happened. And not once have the admins banned me or even found my base to raid. While TSGH tried to hide there actions they dismantled their boat but forgot to rename it from "Crash Boat". The remnants of another crash device was found in their base by admins the following day. Unsure if we can post Steam IDs but the admins should do so.
Posted by searchwiser 1 month, 4 weeks ago (view single)
Well, I dont know where all the comments came from. However I can tell you admin has always been Friendly and Fair when we played on his server.
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