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Texas 50x XP,Gath,20xTaming,Breeding (S+) - (v278.4)

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First Seen Feb 12, 2017 at 7:37 PM
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Posted by tiahal 1 day ago (view single)
admin spawns in loot found a tek gear with 5k armor and dur. he also dose not follow his own rules. kinda of makes them up as he go's
Posted by bestplayeroftheyear 1 day ago (view single)
i played on this sever for 3 months and did all the rules as wrote in the F1 and got banned admin is shady so be careful also new tribes will be raided by one big base will all the exploits oh your a new tribe we will offline raid u with tek atv that don't break from normal turrets and just farm you out but there shitty players so a 1 man tribe could wipe them out but then the admin rollback the sever and delete your base there a want to be alpha tribe only alpha because the they own the sever. aka they are the admin also they spawn in loot.
Posted by BestArkPlayer 1 day ago (view single)
As a player on this server since the drop of Aberration, I have seen tribes come and go. The 4 comments below mine are complete bull. Pressing F1 and not trying to finding loopholes or "youtube" how to ARK for Dumbies is the case of the poor souls below. Simple, they broke the rules, assumed that Official/other servers PVP ways would be welcomed in opened arms, sadly they were mistaken.
Posted by Bojacks 1 day ago (view single)
The Admin is the biggest liar and hypocrite. If you alpha over his tribe "Rock Band" he will make up random rules and ban your whole tribe and alliance with no warning. We stomped a mud hole into his tribe and we've got banned soon as he logged on. Oh and don't buy into the bullshit when says he doesn't play. His name is Klutch with his alt account. He probably changed it by now. Ps. They love raiding stone bases. But if you have a turret up they'll bring 500 stegos and probably still lose to that single turret.
Posted by Bojacks 1 day ago (view single)
We need to help the admin! He lost his balls and decided to go Caitlin Jenner and ban anyone that raids his tribes base!
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