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Posted by Glacial 2 weeks ago (view single)
Admin abus
Posted by Shaz 2 weeks ago (view single)
For anyone Wanting to actually look at the rules on this server and the admin approach feel free to check out the website for the server - We host this server to play on, with admin logging enabled and do not want to be "admins" We want to play the game. But we still go out of our way to help people, deal with rule breaking, deal with kids crying in chat and keeping the server up to date, lag free and fun for all. But kids will be kids.......
Posted by Shaz 2 weeks ago (view single)
ScH - Your turrets were not even in visible range of your base. Completely in the open over 200 foundations away from your base set to shoot anyone for no reason - Of course these were removed and it was made clear that turrets are not to be left in the open and should be for BASES, RAID BASES, BASE DEFENSE - Not open world pvp. You can be upset if you want, but we even said we dont care if you killed them or they killed you. We just came to sort out the turrets - We dont want to have to come and sort stupid shit out like that, but players with no common sense just make the server unplayable. You got raided, had nothing to do with admins or the tribe that originally complained about the turrets. Your base was raided with turrets and dino defenses. Dont waste peoples time reading your stupid comment with no context.
Posted by ScH 2 weeks ago (view single)
Admins r total garbage on this server. We had an issue where other trible were raiding and taming dinos in our backyard, we placed few turrets to keep them at bay. Ofcource the enemy tribe called in admins and the admins came, said we have to remove our turrets so we did, after 10seconds the turrets were removed the enemy tribe attacked us and killed 1 member of our tribe and stole the turrets, ammo and gear. We accepted our loss, went back to our base but wait! Now there is another tribe coming to raid us, they built a small metal base 2x2 and placed turrets all over and started to attack us, after 30mins of battle they had turrets all over our base and that was ok? So Briefly: If u want a fair community with fair admins DO NOT choose this server.
Posted by Andeh 3 weeks ago (view single)
Thank you for your feedback Vitya012 and csani, I appreciate it. I would like to clear a few things up though. You killed both of our Lightning Wyverns which were 175 Eggs. Admin Logging is on, and commands are only used to run the server. Vitya012 and csani were part of a tribe who built close to us, they had no turrets on their base and it was made of stone. We wanted to raid, so we raided. I would prefer you not to Slander our server on the rankings just because you are too childish to rebuild. Thank you for your time.
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