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First Seen Nov 16, 2016 at 6:52 PM
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Posted by ESKIMO 1 month, 3 weeks ago (view single)
I will take this comments into consideration but my admins have never admin wiped a base never and I can promise u that but I will look into it
Posted by TheViewer 1 month, 3 weeks ago (view single)
The owner is ok, but the guys he has set up for his "admins" need to be removed. If you raid them, they will admin wipe your base and dinos. If you talk in any form down to them, which happens in PvP, they wipe your base. The admin group will call you dicks, assholes, retards, and several other names but should you use these names in return, you guessed it... they will wipe your base and dinos. If you change your tribe name, they wipe your base. If by chance you raid them, and win, they rebuild by spawning what ever they need in. If you're their friend they will spawn you in some items. They say offline raiding is wrong and against their rules, but it was all they did. Like I said the owners were ok, but the admins on the server act like they're still in their low teens. How this server makes it to the top 100 or even the top 1000 is beyond the realm of logic.
Posted by BADmins 1 month, 3 weeks ago (view single)
Raided by admin tribe while I was offline (in the server message it states they are against offline raiding) Also note: Admin Command Logging Disabled (wonder why that is?)
Posted by Bahbum 1 month, 3 weeks ago (view single)
I came back to this server after taking a long break from ARK, but once I returned I immediately ran into an issue which made me leave. The admin tribe on this server raids newbie tribes four days after it wipes, His excuse was "he called a tribemate a dick", so we have an admin on this server with the fragile ego of a 12 year old child. Further on, in an attempt to save face after being called out by various people on the server, he and his tribemates put out an half-ass apology, and And ontop of that, after I called out the admin of having a bruised ego because someone called him a dick, he shows his homophobia
Posted by floppysalmon 2 months ago (view single)
This is one of the best PvP servers out there. It's got the right mods, a good owner who cares about the people, and considerably less jerks and griefers than most other popular PvP servers.
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