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NEW 9/7 TC-ClusterRagnarok/PvP/30x/CFlyer/S+/2.0 - (v283.101)

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Join IP: CA Map: ragnarok Rank: 11 Slots: 100
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Location CA  Canada
Owner Ladyyy
First Seen Sep 7, 2018 at 1:02 PM
Last Offline 0d 17h 30m 26s ago
Votes 10 Vote
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Current Players: 40/100 (Auto-Updates)
shadypvp joined 5h 34m 34s ago
JayClem joined 5h 32m 44s ago
TUAN joined 5h 27m 17s ago
Sorrow joined 4h 52m 45s ago
Wiz joined 4h 49m 0s ago
spiffy senpai joined 4h 34m 23s ago
BENJI NO PRICE joined 4h 14m 53s ago
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nefa joined 1h 16m 44s ago
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